Common Baby Oil Uses to be Aware of

Baby oil is mostly used by infants when taking a bath or for maintaining a soft skin. However, there are some unusual uses for baby oil. Though it is mostly used on infants, adults are no exception to it. Aside from that, baby oil is also important for some household matters. Some baby oil uses are practiced by some and might be familiar too. The baby oil in your home might be sitting in there for so long, yet you don’t know that it would be very useful every day.

Scientifically, baby oil is proven to soften skin, thus it is one of its basic uses. But, a twist with this baby oil is that it can be used for removing makeup and bubble gum stuck in your body. It wouldn’t hurt removing it and still you skin would be in good condition. Aside from that, baby oil can be used for shaving, leaving your skin as smooth as before.

One of the baby oil uses is a lubricant either for the body or for the things in your house. If a ring is a stuck on your finger, it can be taken easily if you pour a little amount of baby oil and rotate it carefully. As for the households, you can get rid of those squeaking doors by putting oil in the hinges.

There are a lot of baby oil uses that would benefit your home. One way to specifically use baby oil is through cleaning dust. It is a good material to trap dust, thus it helps you clean it. For your razors and other sharp objects, putting a little amount of baby oil would keep it sharpness. It is also advisable to use for cleaning stainless steel as well as wood furniture.

Another exciting use of baby oil is through zippers. Baby oil functions as lubricant to most objects in the house, zippers are no exception to it. For your shredding machine, it also helps to lubricate the shredder if in case it will not function well.

There are many baby oil uses that many of us are not aware of. However, before using it in your body, make sure that you are not allergic to it. Consulting a doctor is recommended if you plan to use it for your skin specifically, or baby oil that functions as a laxative which helps in regulating bowel movement.

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